Buena Vista Finds Colorful Ways to Be Active

June 26, 2017 | Gina Hubin

The air was streaked with color on Sunday, April 23, 2017, as more than 160 participants' color packets were tossed into the air, signaling the start of Buena Vista Adventist School’s third annual Run2Educate (R2E) in Auburn, Wash.

This year marked a dramatic change in Run2Educate away from the traditional 5K/10K race toward a color fun-run, through which Buena Vista (BV) families and the surrounding community could come together through enjoyable physical activity. The 2.5-mile course, which ran through Buena Vista, the airstrip and Auburn Adventist Academy campus, featured three color-throwing stations where participants were blasted with powdered color. Also new this year was the collaboration with Auburn Adventist Academy, where students received community service credit by helping with the race. Runners and spectators alike were having a fantastic time throughout the event. One color-coated first-grader ran across the finish line shouting, “Let’s do it again!”  

The 2017 R2E fundraising campaign was also a huge success, raising more than $20,000 from race entries, 17 corporate sponsors and the Buena Vista student fundraising drive, where BV students collected over $4,000 in personal donations. This year’s fundraising purpose was to raise resources to convert the classrooms at Buena Vista to environments of active classroom learning. 

“We know prolonged sitting is dangerous to health and that most kids do not meet physical activity guidelines,” explains Adrienne McNamara, event coordinator. “Therefore, we need to provide our kids with outlets for movement throughout their school day, knowing this will help both their health and academic performance.”  

For this purpose, proceeds from the race will be used to purchase stability discs, desk cycles and standing desks for each classroom. Additional funds will be used to support Buena Vista’s after-school sports programs.

Overall, the event came together beautifully.

“I liked the beginning the most,” remembers fifth-grader Kenzie, “because the colors were so beautiful, and I liked how my shirt changed from boring white to cotton-candy colors.”

Fifth-grader Jordan sums up his experience, “I was a color thrower. A lot people looked happy with their families as they were running together. It was fun to see people’s true color when they are happy. I recommend that you experience a color run. It is good to get out and run for fun.”

The next Run2Educate will be held April 22, 2018. To see pictures from this year’s race and stay informed for next year, follow Run2Educate Color Run 2017 on Facebook.