UCC Men’s Summit Discusses Year-Round Ministry-Building

May 03, 2017 | David Wallace

Richie Brower, keynote speaker at the Upper Columbia Conference Men’s Summit says, “Let’s build a ministry, not just an event, an annual summit. I want to see a ministry that is making an impact in the lives of men throughout the year.”

The weekend talks resonated with the men who felt the call to make warriors for the Lord because they see firsthand in their home communities and churches how leaders are needed. The weekend, themed “Last Day Warriors” and held March 3 to 5 at Camp MiVoden in Hayden, Idaho, even brought two costume-wearing men, dressed like warriors.

Jason Ing from Spokane (Wash.) Central Church says, “Our churches should be safe places for men to tell their stories and prepare for the battles facing us.” Many of the men took action toward this goal on Saturday. They met during their free time to explore ways to build and strengthen men’s ministry in their local churches.

Throughout the weekend, there were breakout sessions designed to answer men’s questions. Topics included “Giving Bible Study Made Easy,” by Dusty Borders; “Speaking of Sexuality,” by Jayme Koerselman, a Washington mental health counselor; "Good Health Equals Good Leaders,” by Jon Mundall, a physician; and “Saved to Serve,” by Kenley Sorenson, a Vietnam veteran committed to serving vets. 

The weekend was punctuated by times of worship with the Desert Praise Quartet from the Tri-Cities area of southeast Washington. The group includes Paul Daniel, Richard Peterson, Ben Sandford and Bill Nickless, plus Kern Kostenko on the keyboard. 

The take-aways from Brower’s talks from Nehemiah included that, just as God fights for His people, God’s warriors should do the same. 

David Estrada from Hermiston, Ore., says, “God’s warriors take the hits and the criticism, not in their own strength, but in the strength from the Lord. He comforts so that His man may comfort others."

“My prayer is, 'Lord, make me a servant in my home and church,'” adds Scott Chapman of Heppner, Ore.