Husband Baptized Because Wife Never Gave Up

May 26, 2017 | Dustin Serns

“I realized it was time. It is time to do away with the old man and become a new one in Jesus Christ,” Cliff shared with the congregation on the morning of his baptism. "It was time."

Cliff and his wife, Candy, had grown up in the town of Port Orchard, Wash. They fell in love and got married not long after high school. Candy and her extended family remained active in the church, while Cliff had little interest in spiritual things. But Candy was praying for Cliff … for 42 years.

When I arrived as pastor of the Port Orchard Church last summer, Candy was head deaconess. On my first Sabbath, I gave everyone two “LIKE Card” bookmarks. LIKE is an acronym:  List five to 10 people you would like to see baptized; Intercede for them daily; Kindness shown in words and deeds; and Encourage in Bible study and decisions. The members kept one card in their Bibles as a prayer list and handed in the other copy for the church leaders to pray for. Cliff was the first name on Candy’s card.

A couple months later, revival speaker Lee Venden came to present an All About Jesus seminar. With unusual, Spirit-led boldness, Candy said to her husband, “There is going to be a seminar at the church, and it is going to be life-changing. I want you to go with me.”

Cliff agreed to go for one night. Sure enough, it was life-changing.

“When I went to the seminar, God put a thirst in my heart. That thirst continued to grow through the Thunder in the Holy Land [follow-up Bible study group] and the Prophecies Decoded seminar,” Cliff shared. He had begun cultivating the habit of spending time each morning in Bible study and prayer. He was attending church regularly with Candy.

When I presented the Prophecies Decoded seminar last March, Cliff drank in the Bible truths. He didn’t miss a single night. When an invitation for baptism was given, Cliff was among those who came forward.

On April 8, Cliff’s extended family packed onto the stage in support of Cliff for his baptism. He came up out of the water a new man in Christ and full of joy. I will never forget seeing Cliff’s mother-in-law reach out and grab Cliff’s hand, her eyes full of tears. Her face silently told the story of tireless labors in prayer on Cliff’s behalf for more than 40 years. Now she was seeing the answer.

“Never give up on praying for your loved ones,” Candy shared with the congregation. After 42 years of praying for her husband, she got to celebrate along with all of heaven. It was time.