Teens Reminded of God's Power

March 06, 2017 | Alicia Pope

Imagine a world where teens came together expecting a weekend of worship fun and desire to make Jesus a reality. Teen Retreat 2017 at Camp MiVoden in Hayden Lake, Idaho, was just that.

From all over the Upper Columbia Conference, teens gathered to be reminded of God's power by Dean Kravig, weekend speaker and the band teacher of Upper Columbia Academy in Spangle, Wash. His message was anything but blah. Jim Morgan, father of one of the teens, says, "His sermons have been right on."

Games incorporated an idea of freedom of choice that we were given. Teens were given options of tasks to do with instructions from the Bible. One tip was "don't be lazy." Seems simple, but, as in our daily walk with God, the teens didn't always choose the right task, sending some to a metaphorical hell, in which ice water was given. Luckily the teens were given a second chance to head up the hill where hot chocolate and a pony waited for them. Another game involved switching roles of director and Pathfinder.

Huge amounts of behind-the-scenes work was put in as well. A prayer wall, decorated mantle and the smell of delicious food was proof of that. The general unsung heroes of faith put it all together and offered guidance for teens leading the music.