Project-Minded Cambridge Church Supports Community, Missions

March 22, 2017 | Carolyn Wesner

Sometimes mission projects are difficult for small church congregations. How can only a few people make a difference? The Cambridge (Idaho) Church, with its average attendance of 15, has a heart for serving those in need, so they chose an ambitious project for 2016. The church family decided to raise $5,000 for an item in the ADRA Really Useful Gift Catalog: a water source to transform a village.

Every month the fund grew and grew, reaching the goal in only 10 months. In addition to the well project, the Cambridge Church members supported the local food bank with donations as their community mission project.

God has been good to this small church family, and they feel so blessed to share their gifts locally and as part of worldwide mission endeavors. The 2017 projects are already in the works at Cambridge, so please pray for God’s continued blessing on their mission focus.