Mission Creek Students Minister Through Baking

March 09, 2017 | Michael Trethewey

At Mission Creek Christian School in western Washington, the students are learning to live by their motto this year, which is “Bloom Where You’re Planted.” A recent outreach is rising to meet this challenge in unique ways. 

These students have taken complete charge of an artisan bread-baking ministry, dubbed the Bread of Life. After much research and experimentation, the students have perfected cranberry walnut, wheat, raisin and other varieties of artisan bread.

All proceeds from the bread go to help the students on an upcoming mission trip to Iquitos, Peru.

But it doesn’t stop there. For each loaf of bread that is bought, one is donated to people in the community. Students and staff pray each week for guidance on who should receive the loaves.

Believing and praying the love of Jesus can be shown just as much (if not more) in a loaf of bread than in a sermon (Ministry of Healing, p. 302), the students and staff distribute the loaves to individuals to whom they are led. One of our staff was able to give a loaf of bread to a co-worker who had recently lost both of his parents. The staff member wasn’t sure if her co-worker was even a Christian, but she handed over the loaf with a prayer in her heart and a smile.

She received a note back from her co-worker. “The bread was enjoyed by the whole family," he wrote. "Last night we sat around the table and had a wonderful talk about the past year with and about the girls' grandparents. It was a very healing and calm moment in our lives. The center of the evening was your bread! ... It led the way for us as a family to reconnect and celebrate Grandma and Grandpa. Thank you, and please thank the kids; their hands and hearts allowed us to reconnect with God and to truly remember why we are here.”

With this testimony, and many others like it, the students and staff are encouraged to go forth with renewed zeal in this blooming bread ministry.

Want to start something similar in your home or church? Email missioncreekoutreach@gmail.com or message us on Facebook for the secret recipe and tips on how to structure your unique bread ministry.