Join the Great MiVoden Adventure

March 22, 2017 | Jeff Wines

The Great Adventurer

Enveloped in a blanket of mist, Camp MiVoden sits on the eastern shore of beautiful Hayden Lake in Idaho. The mist begins to scatter as sunbeams peak through, lighting up a place where, come spring, one will again hear the laughter of children, the singing of worship music and the hum of boats. Adventures will be enjoyed by young and old alike as a horseback ride is taken, another person zips across a large ravine and campers score success on a wakeboard. Campers will eagerly anticipate watching a rodeo, participating in games and watching with bated breath as a play unravels before their eyes.

Comments like the ones below have been made to me over and over again, giving a picture of the amazing adventure Camp MiVoden is to campers who come and spend a week in the summer:

  • “I just love camp MiVoden. It is an amazing place! I come to wakeboard camp every year, and now I would like to become a staff!”
  • “Camp MiVoden is my favorite place to be in the summer!”
  • “Camp MiVoden is my home.”
  • “Camp MiVoden is the place where I met God!”   

A father came to me during one of the family camps and said, “Do you have a moment? I would like to tell you what happened when my son came to teen camp this summer. He had a wonderful time all week long doing the activities, hanging out with staff and campers and going to the worships. On Friday evening for the first time in his life he gave his heart to Christ. MiVoden has changed his world! Thank you for what you are doing at Camp MiVoden!” 

Whether you are young and want to be a part of teen camp, ultimate camps or any of our kids camps or you would like to come to one of our family camps, join us and be a part of the great adventure at Camp MiVoden this summer!

Sidebar: Camp MiVoden Summer Schedule

2017 Summer Camp Schedule

Adventure, 8–9 years, June 18–25

Junior Camp, 10–12 years, June 25–July 2

Tween Camp, 12–13 years, July 2–9

Teen Camp, 14–17 years, July 9–16

Family 1 Camp, July 23–30

Medical/Dental Family Camp, July 30–Aug. 6

Family 2 Camp, Aug. 6–13

Ultimate Camps

Cowboy Teen, 14–17 years, June 18–25

Challenge Camp, 13–16 years, June 18–25

Cowboy Tween, 12–14 years, June 25–July 2

Wakeboard Tween, 12–14 years, June 25–July 2

Extreme Teen 1, 13–17 years, June 25–July 2

Junior Cowboy 1, 10–12 years, July 2–9

Teen Wakeboard 1, 13–17 years, July 2–9

Extreme Teen 2, 13–17 years, July 2–9

Junior Cowboy 2, 10–12 years, July 9–16

Teen Wakeboard 2, 13–17 years, July 9–16

Extreme Teen 3, 13–17 years, July 9–16

Teen Cowboy, 14–17 years, July 16–23

White Water Rafting, 14–17 years, July 16–23