'Diabetes Undone' Comes to Wasilla

January 06, 2017 | Todd Ervin

Wes Youngberg, a practicing clinical nutritionist and lifestyle medicine specialist in Temecula, Calif., came to the Wasilla Church Oct. 7–8, 2016, to kick off a Diabetes Undone seminar. This was the first time a seminar such as this was done in Alaska.

The Wasilla Church was packed that Sabbath with an overflow crowd that came to hear Youngberg’s lectures on this preventable and reversible disease that has plagued so many people. The main title for his lectures was “Goodbye Diabetes, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s: Preventing and Reversing Disease the Natural Way.” 

The lectures were a segue into an eight-session interactive workshop, presented by trained volunteers from the church, that lasted for two weeks. Small-group interaction with table facilitators from the volunteers were part of the design at making the workshop successful. The workshop included inspiring wellness talks, expert advice, group support, cooking demos and samples, workbook, cookbook, and more. Fifty-one people signed up, with 35 percent coming from the community. After the eight-day workshop concluded, which began immediately after Youngberg kicked off his two-day seminar, a Diabetes Undone support group started and met weekly at the church.  

Several people have commented that “This was the best diabetes workshop ever attended!” Ken Tyler, one of the attendees, who had been diagnosed with diabetes two weeks before the seminar started and had been prediabetic for several years, was one of the workshop attendees who has and continues to experience wonderful results in reversing his diagnosis. He has gone from being diabetic back to prediabetic and now below prediabetic during the two-week seminar — and has lost nearly 10 pounds. His blood sugar levels are now normal, and he is feeling much better. Both he and his wife, Wanda, are really enjoying the weekly support group.

The work behind this whole endeavor was the efforts of Wasilla’s health directors, Jeff and Bonnie Burnette, plus a host of lay-volunteers from the church. Through health evangelism the Wasilla Church is making inroads into the community, reaching people and preparing people for Christ’s soon return. Plans are underway for another Diabetes Undone workshop during 2017.