'From Sickness to Health' Seminar Reaches Community

November 05, 2016 | Justin Budd

Tacoma Central Community Outreach Project (TACCOP) reached out to the community by hosting a five-day health seminar that began Aug. 24 at Tacoma Community College (TCC). The seminar presented was the From Sickness to Health seminar taught by Rico Hill of the Beehive Organization in Arizona. 

“Overall, I think the seminar was very successful, [and] we averaged 55 people from the community who attended,” explains Scott Tyman, Tacoma Central Church senior pastor. “Being the first time we’ve executed a program like this, the credit of its success goes to the team we put together of greeters, ushers, parking, registration, child care and communication coordinators.” 

Dennis Falls of Tacoma Central Church was a table captain who also thought the program was successful. “Its design was to put us with people who attended in order to make friends," he says. "It’s an appropriate form of evangelism that had many ways of meeting people and where we go out into the community in place of them coming to us.”   

Mark Witzel, program host, says, “I like the idea of how this was put together. We even had event sponsors from the community, that we share a commonality with, who brought their followers out to attend the meeting as well. And TCC was an excellent venue of a known and neutral location for everyone to feel comfortable. And we can’t forget the giveaways of mountain bikes, cookbooks, recipes and other items that were donated.” 

“Will we be doing this event again in the near future? Absolutely!” exclaims Darlene Ali, Tacoma Central Church health superintendent. “We’ve even began cooking classes for healthy eating at one of Tacoma’s low-income apartment complex. This program is very powerful in reaching out to the community, and I see Bible studies resulting from this. I’m even told that we may have a bigger venue during our next event.”

Tacoma Central Church has designed and hosted events such as From Sickness to Health, the Art of Marriage and Financial Peace as stepping stones and segues to evangelistic meetings and reaping series. The From Sickness to Health seminar is continuing with an 10-week program at Tacoma Central Church, which a majority of the community members are attending along with church members.