School in Hamilton Parade

November 02, 2016 | Tammy Harris

Students and some parents arrived at Blodgett View Christian School in Hamilton for a special day on Aug. 31. Excitement was in the air, with people running here and there. The teacher, Angela Binder, gave the last safety rules and devotion for the day. The students tried to hold their excitement because that day they presented their school float in the Hamilton Fair Parade.

The end of August, the Ravalli County Fair starts with a parade with hundreds of people coming from all over to watch. This year's theme was “Western Nights, Carnival Lights.” The float was pulled with a Polaris RZR ATV and had Rubicon, the school's mascot, pulling a cart with a child in it. The other school students distributed bags with a school flier, pencil with the school name and, of course, candy. 

Phil Hudema, Montana Conference education superintendent, traveled to Hamilton early that morning to join the students in the walk. The students presented Jesus’ character by obeying their teacher, handing out bags and waving to the people watching the parade.

It was quite an day to be letting people in the community see the name of Blodgett View Christian School. It previewed a future when these kids will be welcomed by the smile of angels on an even more exciting day.

Tammy Harris, Hamilton Church member