Grants Pass Members Follow Road to ‘Unlock Revelation’

November 22, 2016 | Jennifer Burkes

Following months of preparation by multiple churches in Southern Oregon, the Unlock Revelation series began as planned Oct. 3 at the Grants Pass (Ore.) Church. God’s message was delivered despite some minor setbacks. Clogged toilets and illness created disruption, but the seminars proceeded uninterrupted.

The road to the Unlock Revelation Bible prophecy series began in the early months of 2016. In March, members attended a two-day Harvest Is Great Lay-Bible Worker Training at the Grants Pass Church. This was consecration and preparation to give Bible studies, led by Christian Martin, Grants Pass Church pastor, and the pastoral staff. Charles Byrd and his wife, Karen, of Questline Productions, were on hand the second day. They guided participants in how to utilize the Thunder in the Holy Land Bible study series.

Members then went to homes in the community, touching lives and hearts of people who requested a free DVD. The timing of these studies directly led into Unlock Revelation.

Cheri Peters returned to Grants Pass in May, sharing her testimony of being a “Miracle From the Streets.” She also provided training in preparation for a Celebrate Life in Recovery program open to the community. The program is designed to focus on anything that is a disruption to our lives or interferes with our ability to have healthy relationships.

Participants worked with one another to provide emotional support and healing from painful experiences. This program launched late in June and was completed near the end of September. Graduates were extended an invitation to Unlock Revelation.

The church participated in the second annual Healthy Food Festival on Sept. 17 at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. There were cooking demonstrations and displays of whole-plant foods. Free literature was provided, as well as information and invitations to Unlock Revelation.   

The Grants Pass Church hosted a special weekend the last few days before Unlock Revelation. First was Dinner With the Doctor, during which valuable health information was provided while enjoying a healthy dinner. Attendees were able to ask health-related questions of a small panel.

The weekend continued with a free concert provided by the Fountainview Academy Orchestra and Singers. These students shared Jesus’ message through song and word. They came from British Columbia, Canada, to Grants Pass to share a concert entitled "God So Loved the World."

The highlight of this weekend was the Health Expo at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. About eight different booths provided health information. About 80 people visited the booths and participated in free health assessments. The assessments included free glucose and blood pressure screenings. 

As Unlock Revelation began, many in attendance were not regular church attendees. Community outreach over the last year has been effective. The Grants Pass Church is realizing that success in public evangelism is in proportion to the time invested in both friendship evangelism and community services. 

As a result, Revelation's end-time message is being shared with an enthusiastic group. God is at work in a major way. As part of an unprecedented initiative, 12 Adventists churches in southern Oregon are sharing the same messages. In turn, those hearing these messages will share with others to prepare the world for Christ’s soon return. Martin finds “preaching evangelistic sermons and watching guests from our community get excited” among his favorite things in life.

One Unlock Revelation attendee from the Grants Pass community recently shared, "[Unlock Revelation] has taught me and changed my life in a very short amount of time. I don't know if you know how much I appreciate all your hard work and your love for the Lord."

May the joy of the harvest be the joy that fills the heart of the Grants Pass Church, other southern Oregon churches and beyond.