Art Finds New Home at Auburn

November 18, 2016 | Nadia Diaz

Auburn Adventist Academy’s art classes have a new home for students to learn artistic expression. The new and improved space is located in the former day care center. The wide open spaces are turning out to be the perfect place to have an art class.

Fine arts such as painting, sketching and printmaking are taught by Robert Renfroe. He also teaches graphic design, starting on paper and advancing to using Mac computers.

Film production, a class taught by Chris Williams, is also benefiting from this space. A green screen is available for school video announcements, live broadcast productions and podcasting. A “spotlight” section in the art building features student work.

Both Renfroe and Williams are excited to have a Mac lab in the art building for students who want to learn more about media and digital arts. They are aiming to expand to 15 Macs and an additional computer for the teacher. These computers are equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Student worker Jordan Hauge appreciates the new building for multiple reasons. In the previous classroom space in Spady Hall, Hauge remembers how supplies had to be constantly moved around between classes. “There was no room at all. It always felt cramped,” Hauge says. “In the new building, we have space, and it’s great.”

Students and faculty agree: The new art building will allow students’ creativity to flow and expand with colorful goals and dreams to be achieved.