Romanian Members Reach Out to Community

October 25, 2016 | Carmella Rosu

The Health’s Secrets health exposition was held May 13–28 at the Portland Romanian Church. The health exposition was born out of the need to proclaim the everlasting gospel and the health message, both of which are central and unique to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Based on the well-known NEWSTART (Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in divine power) lifestyle program, the aim of the health exposition was to address lifestyle as well as disease prevention and much more.

Church members and those eager to be involved in this evangelistic effort volunteered their time and talents to coordinate various stations where visitors were able to learn more about topics such as exercise, rest, sunshine and the importance of trust in God, among others. Participants were invited to pass through these stations, including the massage room and the culinary station, where all were able to sample new and delicious vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Then they went to the health analysis station, where cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, height, body mass index and blood pressure were measured. As they received their results, participants were also given other health tips and advice.

Vascular surgeon Ana-Maria Zanfir came from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, to be the exposition’s featured speaker. She was available to discuss any concerns or questions participants had about lifestyle and health before the main presentations took place.

Children were also able to participate thanks to a special children’s program that took place throughout each evening. Games, crafts and other activities made for a fun time and taught important lessons about exercise, healthy eating habits and spiritual health.

The first part of each evening consisted of visitors passing through the Health’s Secrets stations and the bookstand, where visitors were able to choose from a wide variety of literature that touched on the topic of health for the body, mind and spirit. More than 500 books, including The Great Controversy and The Desire of Ages, were given to participants during the outreach program.

More than 300 visitors participated in the Health Exposition, many of them attending several times throughout the three-week period. The majority came from other Christian denominations among the Romanian, Moldovan and Ukrainian immigrant communities in the Portland/Vancouver area. Many expressed how impressed they were with the program and how much they had learned that would impact their life going forward. They are eager to attend future follow-up programs at the Portland Romanian Church.

“I still can’t believe it … all this is free?” asked one participant after receiving the health analysis. “How is something like this possible in the world in which we live today?” The Portland Romanian Church members pray that God will continue to bless the seeds sown by this outreach into the community and pray they will truly be His hands and feet to the world.