Alaska Men's Retreat Hosts World Church President

October 25, 2016 | Quentin Purvis

Deep in the mountains of central Alaska, 13 miles off of the main road, is a place where men from all backgrounds journey for fellowship and spiritual revival. Each year Kent Sandvik, of Palmer, allows men to stay at his claim in the Caribou Creek area. The only structures there are a small cabin, an outhouse and a primitive landing strip for bush pilots.

Men choose to either take the six-hour hike with full backpack, fly in, or challenge the trail on ATVs or heavy-duty four-wheel-drive vehicles. Speakers such as Shawn Boonstra, David Asscherick and Dwight Nelson have been invited to this primitive wilderness “resort” and have brought the Word of God to life.

This year, Ted Wilson, world church president, made his journey to this retreat and challenged the men to hold public evangelistic meetings. It speaks volumes when the General Conference president takes time out of his schedule to speak words of encouragement in a remote place in Alaska’s bush country.

Men all over the state of Alaska plan a year in advance to be at Men’s Retreat. A group from Juneau, as well as some from Fairbanks, came to the retreat this year for the adventure. A former Alaskan pastor, who now lives in Montana, united with his two professional grown sons for a father-son weekend. The pastors who attended had no responsibility, but came back rejuvenated by the experience.

Next year John Bradshaw from It Is Written will be the keynote speaker.