Prophecy Seminar Makes Alaskans Fishers of Men

August 19, 2016 | Jason Morgan

Alaska’s Bristol Bay supports the world’s largest salmon fishing runs, which attract fisherman from all over the world. Many flood the small town of Dillingham during the summer months to take advantage of the abundant fishing opportunities. The Dillingham Church decided to do some fishing of their own, but this time they wanted to follow the call of the Savior to be fishers of men.

As the saying goes, there’s never a perfect time to do public evangelism because the devil will compete with you every single time. Prior to the opening night of the Amazing Prophecies Revelation Series, the handbill mailing was distributed two weeks earlier than expected. The temptation was to panic and conclude that many within the community might forget about the meetings. As Howard Williams, Dillingham Church pastor, led in prayer and claiming God’s promises, members witnessed people from the community excited to be coming to the series night by night.

Patty Jones came opening night with her Bible in hand to learn more about Revelation and how to prepare for the soon coming of Jesus Christ. What’s interesting is Jones somehow did not receive a flier in the mail; she had a divine appointment. A church member, Nancy, met Jones on a morning walk the day the meetings began and decided to muster the courage to invite her.

Jones didn’t miss a night. At the conclusion of the series, she was baptized and excited to join her new church family.

Mariano and Kristy attended the seminar nightly. When the Sabbath message was presented, Mariano couldn’t shake the conviction he and his family needed to be keeping the Lord’s Day.

On one Sabbath afternoon he decided to take his chainsaw and hike back in the mountains to cut up some firewood. To his surprise, he couldn’t find any wood laying around anywhere. He then thought “Is God showing me that I shouldn’t be out here on His holy Day?” The next day he went out again to find wood and sure enough he found more than he needed. Mariano and family decided no matter what they would keep the Sabbath to honor the Lord. With tears of joy Mariano and Kristy were baptized and happy to join others as well.

Noah Lincoln, a resident of a remote village, flew with his family to Dillingham to pick up a plane that he had purchased. To his surprise, the plane wasn’t ready to fly until another three weeks, just long enough for Lincoln and family to attend the seminar. Lincoln and his family attended most of the seminar and gladly accepted the truths they were hearing. After their baptism, Lincoln said, “There are no Seventh-day Adventists in my village; we will be the first to take the Three Angels' Messages home to our people."

At the conclusion of the series in March, which was held by Jason Morgan, North Pacific Union Conference evangelist, the Lord blessed the Dillingham Church with 21 baptisms. If we are willing to work and do our part, God is more than willing to use us in taking the everlasting gospel into all the world. Just ask Noah Lincoln.