OCS Podcasts Highlight Student Life

August 21, 2016 | Gerry Lindsay

“Thanks for listening, and thanks for supporting OCS.” That’s the sign-off for Olympia Christian School’s biweekly podcast recorded by the students in grades six through eight. 

The podcast began two years ago as a way of keeping the constituent churches of Lacey Church, Transformation Life Center in Olympia and the Olympia Spanish Church informed about school happenings. Gerry Lindsay, who initiated the podcast, serves as script author, recording engineer and sound editor, having previously started a podcast at Guam Adventist Academy.

The podcast is first recorded in English and then in Spanish. The students are afforded the opportunity to review and suggest revisions to the scripts before the record button is pressed. 

The students are proud to be involved and always look forward to recording the next podcast. 

According to OCS principal Sharron Schwartz, the podcast has been a very effective tool in a couple of ways: It keeps the constituent churches "in the know" about what is happening at the school, and it keeps staff focused on marketing the school. She says it is easy to get caught up in the challenges of the classroom and overlook the notable things God is accomplishing. The podcast is a great opportunity to highlight student life at OCS and keeps the church members informed about upcoming events. 

Jonathan Fetrick, Transformation Life Center pastor, says his church members enjoy the podcasts because they are very informative. He says the podcasts always trigger smiles and help the members recall what it was like to be in grade school.

The students say they are proud to be involved and always look forward to recording the next podcast. Sixth-grader Kaitlin Sowers says the podcast is a good way to keep everyone informed, and fellow sixth-grader Emily Ogden adds that while recording, she is learning about what’s going on in the other classrooms. 

Search for "podcasts" at www.ocssda.org to listened to the archived recordings.