MSAS Brings Learning to Life

August 18, 2016 | Crystal Oltman

Parents and friends flocked to the Milton-Stateline Adventist School (MSAS) gymnasium on a Thursday evening in April while students dabbed their final makeup and practiced the lines of speeches. The Wax Museum and Science Fair was represented by the entire student body, from preschool through eighth grade.

History came to life when fifth- through eighth-grade students, varying from George Washington to Oprah Winfrey, put on their shows. Costumes were detailed, and props were flawless. Lewis and Clark donned furs and skins with a journal documenting their most recent discoveries.

The Learning Tree Kinderschool displayed a trifold poster about germs and spreading diseases, with pictures of students touching different things with clean hands and then again with dirty hands. It was clear by the amount of mold on bread which hands had been sanitized and which had not.

Elizabth Yaw’s first- and second-graders hatched baby chickens from eggs and displayed the life cycle of the birds. Many were thrilled to see the live babies hopping around the cage.

In the third- and fourth-grade corner, Raymond Hall and his class challenged families to build the tallest paper tower and to see who could beat the kids who had been working away at theirs all week.

As you can see from the pictures, fun can be had while learning at the same time, and history lives on for all ages.