Anchorage Members Hold Convocation

May 11, 2016 | Tajhicia West

Anchorage Community Adventist Church and other Adventist churches in Anchorage came together for their second annual Anchorage Convocation, themed "Holding to Hope" and held Feb. 26–27. The keynote speaker was Armando Miranda, former General Conference vice president, and attendees were blessed by the music of Denise Barclay-Thompson, guest artist from Washington, D.C.

The convocation began Friday evening with Miranda’s message to the Anchorage Spanish Church to be prepared for the Second Coming of Christ. He encouraged the congregation to focus on preparing their hearts and those of others for the Lord’s return rather than merely being preoccupied about securing a way to survive in times of persecution. He emphasized the futility of being physically safe during the final crisis while being in spiritual danger as a result of not getting to know the Lord and potentially being set up to hear the words, “Depart from me. I know you not.”

Sabbath morning was spent at the Northside Church, where Adventists from all over Anchorage worshipped together. Miranda stressed the importance of preparedness for the Second Advent despite not knowing precisely when it will be. The congregation was reminded that God’s timing is different from ours and that He indeed is coming quickly.

Barclay-Thompson ministered in song, giving hope that "In a Little While We’re Going Home" and that all suffering will be over "When We All Get to Heaven."

The event concluded with a final message and concert at the Anchorage Community Church featuring musical presentations from several churches. Miranda not only preached during the weekend but also blessed the congregation with some stirring musical selections, employing his multiple gifts to the glory of God. Barclay-Thompson performed various selections using an inspiring mixture of musical styles from her CDs.

The 2016 Anchorage Convocation was a blessing to those who attended the sessions. Adventists in Anchorage are already looking forward to Anchorage Convocation 2017, once again under the direction of the Anchorage Community and Spanish churches.