News for 2016


December 14, 2016 / Steve Vistaunet

Patience is not typically a childish virtue when Christmas presents are in sight. In my recollections of seasons past, it wasn’t for me either — especially when my father made Rømmegrøt.

His dedication to Scandinavian tradition was partially to my advantage. Presents in our home were opened on Christmas Eve, while my friends had to cool their jets until Christmas morning. But to my singular disadvantage was my father's insistence that all presents should wait in their wrappers until the Rømmegrøt was done.

Oh, the Humanity!

December 14, 2016 / Seth Pierce

Recently I watched a sermon on YouTube in which the speaker made the grand pronouncement he could solve all the issues facing the Adventist Church by doing a few simple things. He stated, “We need to get rid of human experience, human scholarship and human tradition and get back to the Word of God!”

Naturally, all God’s people said “Amen!” I mean, you kind of have to when the speaker ends his line with a bold “… the Word of God!” right?

Sadly, they “amen’d” an impossibility and a heresy.


December 14, 2016

Over the river and through the woods, the holiday rush is on. In the midst of shopping-mall crowds, jam-packed airports and bumper-to-bumper traffic, many look forward to one thing: going home for Christmas.

The song "I'll Be Home for Christmas" was first made popular by crooner Bing Crosby and released in 1943 during the height of World War II. It captured the longing heart of the soldier to be beyond the fray, back home, warm, and safe from harm or danger.

And on Earth, Peace

December 14, 2016 / Martin Weber

It’s been a brutal year. Terrorists mingling with refugees violated Europe’s welcome, wreaking carnage. Christians residing in radical Islamic territories have been beheaded, crucified or displaced from ancient homelands.

Alive and Active

December 01, 2016 / Richard Hammen

Alive and Active is a team-building physical event with a unique emphasis on discipleship, movement and life skills. On Sunday, Oct. 9, members of the Bellevue Church participated in their first Alive and Active event, linking exercise, spiritual growth and daily living. 


November 26, 2016

About Those Goats ...

[Regarding Let's Talk, "Goats," October] I had 11 horses. If I had 10 strands of wire for a fence, one of those horses would find her way through. That was Lady, the filly; she would always find a way to get through those 10 wires to get to the other side.

Sometimes I just put one wire up in between the fields, and my other 10 horses would stay in the field where I wanted them to be. They weren't perfect, but they were like good sheep. Years later I bought goats for brush control.