Gateway Church Offers County Fair Pit Stop

November 09, 2015 | Bill Zilverberg

The Pee Wee Pit Stop booth was a huge hit with families at the Josephine County Fair this year. Volunteers from Gateway Church in Grants Pass, Ore., set up and staffed the booth, which provided a clean, private place for families to change their little ones' diapers while at the fair. More than 100 people took advantage of the offered services. Two rooms, with curtains for privacy, were available and furnished with a changing table, wipes and hand sanitizer.

Volunteers offered diapers in sizes 1 through 5, and, while most families brought their own diapers, there were several times when parents ran out and were relieved to accept a free diaper or two.

A rocking chair was available in one room for mothers who wanted to nurse in a more relaxed setting. Sitting in the shade, with the fans blowing, it was one of the best seats at the fair.

It was a hot week with temperatures were in the 90s and a high of 103. Volunteers gave away nearly 300 bottles of water to families with children, nursing mothers and elderly community members. Small bags of Cheerios and copies of Our Little Friend were available for little visitors, which were very popular as well. Visitors were given information about church services and invited to come join the church in worship.

Many fair attendees stopped by to chat and to express appreciation for the services being offered, even if they themselves didn’t need them. One older woman remarked, “I wish they’d had something like this when my kids were in diapers.”

Pee Wee Pit Stop volunteer coordinator Julie Jones shares, “As a new mom to a 10-month old little girl myself, I am thrilled that Gateway could offer this service to our community. It can be hard for parents to find a place to change or nurse their babies when they are out with the family. I hope they came for a diaper change but left interested in visiting such a child-friendly church.”