Young Adults Hold 'Digging Deeper' Retreat

August 27, 2015 | Sara Maniscalco

“Lord, what would you have us do to reach young adults in our area?” This was the question that was on the hearts of a group of young adults as they met once again to talk about their plans for ministry in Spokane. Actually, this question had been on their hearts for over a year and had led them to organize Bible studies, vespers, game nights, camping trips and other events that brought young adults together for fun and fellowship. But after all of this, they still felt the need to ask God, “What more?”

This group of Adventist young adults in Spokane have felt a call to ministry and have met together regularly to plan events for other young adults in their area. They formed their team based on the promise of Isaiah 43:19 that God would do a “new thing” for His people. As a team, they longed to open their hearts to receive the blessing of God’s Spirit, and they wanted to plan events that would make this possible for others. After a year of events, they were still asking God for more. Was there something else that He would have them do to reach their age group?

Their answer came as the group discussed the idea of planning a spiritual retreat for young adults and young families. Their goal was to provide a weekend during which they could come away from their regular routines and come together for prayer, Bible study and fellowship. They wanted an event that would draw them closer to God and to each other, and they hoped to include as many young adults as possible from Spokane and the surrounding communities. As they began to pray and plan for this event, God opened doors in incredible ways and connected them with so many people who offered their support. As this group moved forward, their prayer was that God would make this retreat into what He wanted it to be and that He would lead them to the people who needed to come.

After months of planning, the weekend of May 29–31 finally came, and 176 young adults with their 58 kids from around the Northwest came together for a retreat at Camp MiVoden in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The theme was “Digging Deeper” into God’s Word. Speaker Peter Gregory shared his passion for understanding and applying Scripture to their lives. Young adults came away with a renewed desire to study the Bible, as well as tools to guide them into deeper study. The weekend retreat was also filled with praise music, prayer sessions, breakout discussions, time in nature, and group activities and games.

The focus of the weekend was perhaps summed up best in the words of the theme song: “Knowing you, Jesus, knowing you, there is no greater thing.” This weekend provided an incredible opportunity for young adults to be encouraged and empowered as they spent time with God and with each other.

The young adults who planned this event are in awe of the ways that God worked to bring this retreat together. They are grateful to the individuals who helped to make this weekend possible. So many people volunteered to pray for them and for the other young adults who would be attending the retreat. The group saw God’s rich blessing during the retreat and knows that these prayers were instrumental in allowing the Holy Spirit to be poured out on those who attended.

Because of the generosity of volunteers who donated money, the planners were able to give away more than $3,000 in scholarships for more than 70 young adults and children. Many families were moved to tears as they learned money had been given so that they could come. The planners are praising God for each person who offered support.

Over the past year, God has taken this group on an incredible journey of knowing Him more deeply and serving Him more fully. The Digging Deeper retreat was so much more than they could have asked or imagined. And as they move forward from this retreat, these young adults are still asking, “Lord, what more would you have us do?” They can hardly wait to see where He leads.