Silverton Church Enjoys High Day of Baptisms

August 12, 2015 | Enid Hands

What a joyous and long-to-be-remembered Sabbath May 16 was for the Silverton Community Seventh-day Adventist Church as three people were added to church membership: Arlene Scruggs; her granddaughter, Nevaeh, a fifth-generation Adventist; and Deborah “Deb” Harroun, by profession of faith (she had been previously baptized in the Jordan River). Jose Galvez, Silverton Church pastor, made this a truly innovative, touching service, and it was indeed a heartwarming “High Day.”

Scruggs had kept it a surprise that she would be baptized. Her many relatives and friends in attendance had come to witness Nevaeh’s baptism, so they were totally surprised as Scruggs entered the baptismal font.

“I’ve always considered myself an Adventist,” Scruggs said afterwards, “but I lost my way. Now I feel like I have just come home.”

Thirteen-year-old Nevaeh (“heaven” spelled backward) said she felt she had been walking with Jesus at her side, and it was great to be welcomed into a church that loved kids so much.

Deb expressed her gratitude for the mentors who had been her source of guidance. She is relying on the Lord to reveal what is next in her new walk with Him. She said she felt deeply honored hearing the pastor’s and members’ hearty “welcome to the family.”

Galvez stressed that Silverton Church Adventists are family. “We love one another and are kind to one another,” he said. “John, present yourself to each of these precious souls sometime in the future. Tell her, ‘I’m a farmer. When you need corn or something from the farm, come to me.’ Pete, you say, ‘I have bees. If you need honey, come see me.’”

With the Lord’s continued guidance and Galvez’s leadership, members are confident they will see many more taking their stand for the Lord at the Silverton Church.