Idaho Falls Meetings Change Lives

August 10, 2015 | Jason Morgan

The greatest manifestation of God’s power on this earth is the unity of His people. God’s power was evident when the Idaho Falls Church worked hard and closely together to lay the groundwork for a reaping series in the area. Starting in the local church, 25–30 visitors from the community filled the small church with an eager desire to understand Revelation’s prophecies presented by Jason Morgan, North Pacific Union Conference evangelist.

Sheena Dame was invited by a local church member and attended nightly, excited to finally understand that the gospel could be understood through the symbols of Revelation. After the first night, Dame knew the Lord was at work in leading her to the meetings. Overwhelmed with joy to be in a church that made the Lord and His Word priority, Dame decided she would not miss a night. At the conclusion of the series, Dame gladly accepted the invitation to be baptized and join her new church family.

Barbara Stickel received the handbill in the mail prior to opening night and wanted to invite her friends and family to the meetings. Her neighbor Nicholas gladly accepted the invite and attended nightly as Stickel provided the transportation. As the messages were presented, Stickel recalled attending a similar series years ago near Salt Lake City, Utah, and all the elements of truth began to come back to her mind. Stickel knew the Lord was providing another opportunity for her to embrace the truth and follow Jesus. She says, “This time I am making my decision to be baptized and become part of God’s commandment-keeping church.” Nicholas, who attended nightly with Stickel, was raised in the Mormon church. Many questions began to be cleared up as to the eternal nature of Christ. Nicholas decided he too wanted to be rebaptized and join his new church family.

Many more life-changing stories could be told as a result of this effort. At the conclusion of the series, eight people were baptized and several others were preparing for baptism.

The early apostolic church is a testimony of what God can do for His people when they are in unity. “Being of one accord” is the condition that brings the blessings of God to finish the work He has entrusted to us. When we are willing to answer the prayer of Christ that we may be one as He and His Father are one, great things await God’s remnant church.