Good Things Are Happening At Sitka Adventist School

June 18, 2015 | Kallie McCutcheon

Rather than go on and on about how great Sitka Adventist School is from a teacher’s perspective (it might be a little biased), some incredibly intelligent (and impartial) students are doing the talking:

Will, age 6: I like that we’re planting seeds because it’s cool to see how they’re growing. We planted the seeds on the edge and patted it down with our fingers so that we can see how it’s growing.

Jacob, age 12: Something wonderful at our school is the field trips that we get to go on. We get to do so many of them and go out and explore.  My favorite this year has been going to the gym for exercise.

Taylor, age 12: Our school is having a cool lunch for our school evaluation visitors in a few days. I really like when we get a chance to serve people. We also do a lot of field trips too; my favorite has been when we went to Mount Edgecumbe High School and got to make our own pottery based on the book A Single Shard. We just had a spirit week here, and we got to play a game my teacher made up called “Mad Dog,” dress up in pajamas and do our hair crazy. I like when we do testing too; every beginning and ending of the year we do a testing. At the beginning and the end we fill out the same test. Then we can see how we’ve improved. It’s fun doing the testing, and you get to see if you’ve learned more.

Tristan, age 13: We get to go to many places and do many fun experiments, like the measurement of when we took a marble and dropped it into sand. It’s wonderful because it’s interesting and I love science.

Gabe, age 8: I like science because we do a lot of activities. I like it when we write stuff in our lab books. PE because we play one-base kickball, and if it's raining we do stuff inside, like pretend to be an animal or four corners

Serenity, age 8: Reading books is wonderful. We’ve read A Gold Star for Eric, how he tried to do something that was a little bit hard. I can learn that not everything has to be perfect and you don’t have to do everything correctly the first time.

Abby, age 11: The activities are wonderful — I’m thinking about our theme boards, which are boards that you put things about different religions on and make a shape out of. Spelling is wonderful because we get to learn our words in a fun way, like using sand, scratch ’n' sniff and “Get to 30.”

Sally, age 13: I’ve learned how to not get so worried over things this year. I’m learning to be more patient with people. The pressures of fitting in are lessened, and I don’t have to act a certain way to have friends here. My teacher taught me how to create my own path by supplying practice in algebra after our schoolbook was done. I also researched different colleges to attend for an extra credit assignment. Our teacher even took us to Auburn for Academy Days.