Wenatchee Valley Hears Amazing Prophecies

May 04, 2015 | Daun Redfield

The Amazing Prophecies seminar blessed the Wenatchee Valley with a monthlong presentation of prophetic truth during part of January and February. The seminar kicked off at the Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee, Wash., on Jan. 16 to a full house. Over the first few sessions, in addition to the members from Valley View Church and other area churches who attended, the seminar attracted 94 visitors from the community to hear the prophetic words of truth presented by Jason Morgan, a North Pacific Union Conference evangelist.

At each meeting, following the presentation of a book to a randomly chosen attendee and special music from local area talent or Misty Morgan, Jason Morgan’s focused messages were jampacked with Scripture references that kept listeners busy flipping through their Bibles. He spoke quickly and clearly, packing an amazing amount of information into the hourlong messages and making the time pass quickly.

After most of the messages, each attendee received handouts and publications with information relating to the message topic. The handouts included many of the key Scripture texts that Morgan used for his message. Often several people took extra handouts to share the message with friends and loved ones who were not in attendance. For many of the early meetings, more than 200 handouts were given out for each message.

As the seminar drew to a close and in the weeks following, Valley View Church welcomed nine people into membership through baptism, rebaptized two members and hosted a wedding. Members praise God for His blessing on these meetings.