Anchorage Junior Academy Students Save Lives

May 26, 2015 | Bethany Reiswig

For Anchorage Junior Academy (AJA), February was Heart Healthy Month. Students participated in the Jump Rope for Heart program through the American Heart Association. This year, Sunni Danielowski, the state coordinator, told the school how impressed she was with the involvement of its students. AJA raised more money than many larger schools in the area, thanks to students’ enthusiasm and the support of their family and friends. AJA students showed tremendous support by raising a total of $3,542.50 by Feb. 27. This money will save 101 lives through surgeries, research and education.

Jump Rope for Heart is designed to teach K–12 students about heart health and to raise money for people with heart problems. While participating, students learned why exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important for their hearts. Students also practiced jump roping during the month. During the final event, they competed for best jumper, shared special routines and demonstrated unique jumps.