Mid-Columbia Celebrates End of Summer

December 17, 2014 | Joyce Gallentine

School registration was July 27, 2014, at Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School (MCACS) in Hood River. Yes, summer was not quite over yet, but Peter Hardy, (MCACS) principal, had a well-planned and exciting year scheduled for all classes, from kindergarten to 10th grade. School was something to look forward to.

Right away, the second week of school, a beach party was announced. The timing proved perfect, as the weather was quite warm yet at about 85 degrees by midafternoon.

The Columbia River was not too far away — about 4 miles to Waterfront Park in Hood River. 

Beach parties are always fun. At this area on the Columbia River, a person could walk out into the river for quite a distance before it got too deep. Throwing a ball to each other, diving down deeper into the water or racing with each other was all part of the fun. But there was one more thing offered.

Elaina Mathisen, (MCACS) kindergarten teacher, had a ski boat, offering rides to anyone wishing to go. Almost all students enjoyed this experience, going way out on the river in fun circles.

Just before returning to the school, all the watermelon anyone could eat was offered. A day like this is a great time where new and old students, as well as parents who can come, have a great chance to get better acquainted with each other. A day like this is remembered for a long time.