Anchorage Northside Hosts Vacation Bible School

Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like to journey with Moses and the Israelites as they took everything they owned with them into the desert — to have the opportunity to see God guiding and providing for you. Too often the Bible just feels like an old book. After all, those things did happen a long time ago. We sometimes forget that Moses was a real person who faced frustration, harassment and even fear as he led the Israelites out of slavery and into the desert.

That is why in July Anchorage's Northside Church members transformed the church basement into a desert scene with tents and sand everywhere. They and their Vacation Bible School guests traveled into Bible times. Each day they became part of history as they saw, heard, touched and tasted what it was like to live in the wilderness. They visited with Moses and discovered some of the hardships he faced after leaving Egypt. If we were Moses, we might have given up, but Moses did as he always did — he trusted God. As participants heard Moses stand up for his faith in God, they explored how they can do the same by trusting God in everyday life.

There were different activities each night like camel-spitting, rope-making, music, snacks and all kinds of wearable crafts. The kids' favorite camp tents to visit included Rebecca’s tent, where they learn how to clean the camp while she told them about her family history. A surprise favorite was a tent featuring butter-churning, where kids learned how to make butter and had the opportunity to eat what they made.

When I think back to my childhood I remember summers where I got a chance to go to Vacation Bible School and have fun and learn about God. Those are great memories, but I didn’t realize the impact VBS can have on children until I was grown. As an adult I started my children’s ministry as a leader of a teen group for VBS. It was fun but a lot of work, and I sometimes wonder if it was worth all the hard work. I got my answer years later when one of the boys from that first VBS stopped me and said, “I know you. You are my VBS teacher. I had so much fun. Remember when … .” I smiled and realized then that VBS does touch children's lives for God ,and all the hard work was well worth it. Let us always work hard to let our children know how important they are to God and us.

October 08, 2014 / Alaska Conference