Alaska Teachers Enjoy Active Inservice

Thanks to billowing seas, a beautiful sunny weekend, glaciers and icebergs, Alaska Conference teachers received more than a cold shoulder during their fall inservice.

Arriving from all parts of Alaska on July 31 and after a few frustrations at the airport, the teachers settled in at Camp Lorraine on Vank Island near Wrangell. Dennis Plubell and Theresa Jensen gave the group some inspiring “teacher stuff” and challenged the teachers to figure out how the “do it all” pens (gifts from the North Pacific Union) worked. 

The teachers were spiritually blessed as they joined in the programs provided by the Southeast Alaska camp meeting and the teacher-musicians. They were physically blessed with the food, fresh air and exercise provided by nature and a great kitchen staff.

On Sabbath the weather was gorgeous, and the group was able to take a prearranged outing on the ocean to see LeConte Glacier. The teachers, with their hands-on learning style, asked their tour guide to pull up to the icebergs so they could drink the water and feel the ice. They discussed the surface of icebergs above the water and how much was below the water. It was good to see how true that really is.

On the return trip the wind came up, the open skiffs were bouncing quite high, and the “A students” in the front row were highly rewarded by waves of water splashing into the boat. The laughter continued when the “non-A students” eventually received their own thorough dousing. Spirits were high as the group clambered out of the boats all drenched and headed for the next appointment — supper and a hot shower in whichever order the smartest, quickest and strongest could make it happen. 

October 01, 2014 / Alaska Conference