Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary Statement on the Headship Doctrine

August 27, 2014 | ordination

While some within the Adventist Church feel strongly that the Bible teaches the leadership role of male headship, both with individual families and within the local church itself. In this view, women have many honorable roles, but should not be given positions that the Bible assigns to men. In a statement that runs counter to these views, the Andrews University faculty approved a summary document in August 2014 that supports a biblical teaching that Christ is the only head of the church, with both men and women equally subservient to Him. Therefore no human, male or female, may rightfully assume what is Christ’s alone. According to this position, the traditional headship role of men with the family structure does not transfer to the realm of the church. All roles within the church are bequeathed by gifts of the Spirit, non-exclusive of any gender. For your own personal study, we offer this link to the full document.