Forest Grove Pathfinders Present 'Jerusalem’s Most Wanted'

A surprise greeted the members of the Forest Grove Church as they arrived May 3 for Sabbath School and church. The front of their sanctuary had what looked like walls to a jail cell.

This Pathfinder Sabbath held the promise of something a little different than listening to a director’s report about what the club was doing.

Following the presentation of the colors, the entire club led song service, with congregation joining in praising God. The little lambs’ time (children’s story) was presented by Jordan Cottrell. Three Pathfinders accompanied by guitar performed special music. Then John Horne performed a guitar song he wrote. Two sermonettes were presented by two young pathfinders, Jaden Morton and John Horne.

A narrator began the dramatic portion of the program. This edition of “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted” highlighted the capture of one of the ring leaders of the Jesus' gang. Simon, also known as Peter, was finally captured and led by Roman guards to prison. Under the threat of death the guards were charged with keeping Simon Peter from escaping again. The guards taunted Simon Peter about his capture and his beliefs.

Meanwhile the local church members gathered for a prayer meeting to remember God’s leading and deliverances in the past and to pray for His protection of Simon Peter. When an angel came to release Peter, he thought it is just a dream and hesitated to actually leave. Peter traveled to where the church met and persuaded Rhoda to let him in.

As the guards were led off to take Peter’s place at trial, they wondered if Jesus would listen and answer their prayers before it was too late.

During the closing scene, the narrator invited the listeners to tune in the next week for another edition of “Jerusalem’s Most Wanted.”

June 12, 2014 / Oregon Conference