Pocatello Sees Membership Growth

Eastern Idaho is particularly difficult to reach, as the population is dominated by non-Christians and other denominations. Without direct leading from the Holy Spirit, the population has little interest in hearing the truth of the gospel. However, the Lord has been working in this difficult region through the Pocatello Church.

The Pocatello Church has spent the last several years hosting public evangelism. Tim Roosenberg presented his seminar on Islam, and it was followed with the ShareHim series presented by Dean Lifshay, pastor, and Monte Wood, Bible worker. Wood continued the outreach by offering a vegan cooking school. Special invitations had been sent to individuals who had attended the previous meetings. There were regularly five nonmembers who attended the cooking classes. Even the church members who attended learned something new.

The most thrilling outcome was the number of people who chose to be baptized throughout the last several months. The first baptism took place during camp meeting at Gem State Academy in Caldwell. The next three baptisms took place the following month. The Pocatello Church welcomed a mother and daughter to fellowship — the daughter by rebaptism and the mother as a new member. The church also rejoiced when one of the teenagers decided to choose the Lord as Savior.

The calendar year ended with two more baptisms, both of people had been regularly attending outreach meetings. Two more people were baptized in March, showing the Lord is working wonders in Pocatello.

May 01, 2014 / Idaho Conference