Mid-Columbia Students Travel to Washington D.C.

April 24, 2014 | Joyce Gallentine

A special event takes place every year at Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School (MCACS) in Hood River. Peter Hardy, MCACS principal, plans a field trip for his ninth- and 10th-graders to one of two locations, either San Diego, Calif., or Washington, D.C. This year they went to Washington D.C.

The trip was Jan. 9 to 16, during severe winter weather. But they felt very fortunate and blessed. Even though storms were quite severe this year, especially in the Northeast, there was enough of a break from the falling snow and ice to complete visits to the places planned without difficulty.

Geneses Quezada states that on their first day they went to Gettysburg, Penn., where the students "saw the fields where the Confederate and Union soldiers fought."

After that they went to Mount Vernon where George Washington lived, the Smithsonian, the Capitol building and the White House.

"It was very fun but educational as well," says Austin Chapman. "We got to learn about the wars ... at Williamsburg and Gettysburg." As a non-Adventist, he states how he also "especially enjoyed visiting the Seventh-day Adventist church there."

Expenses were minimized because the entire group was invited to stay at Hardy's brother's house.

All agreed with Halee Chapman that, if given the opportunity, they would absolutely love to go back to visit again.