Closer to God

Over the last month, we have seen an explosion of spiritual growth around the Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA) campus. It all started with a student-led week of prayer. One of the main themes for the week was God's plan for each student’s life. Many students gave their lives to God, and student-started prayer groups have been formed.

“Because of the prayer groups, I have felt closer to God and to my fellow students. We have accountability with each other, and it has been very comforting to know there are other students who are having the same struggles,” said Connor Hubin, AAA sophomore.

In addition to prayer groups, one student-led program was a prayer vigil on March 1. The prayer vigil included group prayer, worship, prayer rooms, snacks and activities. The students who participated were blessed and planned another prayer vigil in April.

Students at AAA are starting to take initiative to help themselves and other students grow closer to God. When Jennifer Woody, AAA chaplain, was asked how she felt about what has been happening on campus, she said, “I have been working and praying for this to happen since I came to Auburn Adventist Academy. It is thrilling to see the students take up spiritual leadership on the campus.”

God is doing amazing things on the AAA campus, and we are willing and open to what more God has in store.

April 15, 2014 / Washington Conference