Spokane Linwood Celebrates Baptisms

What a wonderful way to start 2014 for four people who publicly declared their decisions to follow the Lord’s example by being baptized into the Spokane (Wash.) Linwood Church membership on Jan. 14.

First to be baptized on this special day was Grace Buckles, who attended the Jesus in Bible Prophecy evangelistic series presented by Volody Nesteruk, Spokane Linwood Church senior pastor. After the meetings, Buckles did Bible studies with Alan Williams, Spokane Linwood Church Bible worker/outreach coordinator, and Nesteruk before choosing to commit her life to Jesus.

The second baptism was Kenny Applewhaite, an inspirational youth who is involved with Pathfinders and attends Palisades Christian Academy, an Adventist school. Applewhaite is the first of his family to be baptized.

Husband and wife Mike and Peggy McMorris had a desire to be rebaptized. Both were baptized on different dates more than 30 years ago and again openly declared their desire to accept Christ as their Redeemer and rejoice in having unity as they both recommitted their love for the Lord.

Teamwork made these baptisms even more memorable. Although his left arm was fractured and in a sling, Nesteruk didn’t let that stop this special day as he led each candidate through the baptismal vow and benediction, while Wayne Searson performed the immersion.

Each of the baptized members received flowers and a welcome basket. Everyone was invited to an all-church potluck to celebrate Linwood’s new additions to the church family.

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March 18, 2014 / Upper Columbia Conference