Multimedia Class Multitasks at MSAS

Lights! Camera! Action! These are three words the multimedia students at Milton-Stateline Adventist School (MSAS), in Milton-Freewater, Ore., are learning as a part of a new elective class being taken by 10 students in grades five through eight.

This elective class teaches students the basic skills of broadcasting in front of and behind the camera in addition to print media.

One of the activities the multimedia class will participate in is the 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) local broadcast of sermons at the Stateline Church. Each student will be cross-trained in the different jobs and assigned to a role based on their skills and abilities.

Another project will be creating commercials that will be featured on 3ABN, local television and the school website. Other projects will include making brochures and exploring the field of multimedia.

Milton-Stateline Adventist School parents Mike and Misti Bruns volunteered to act as mentors and teachers to the students in the multimedia class, training them in the various jobs involved in a live broadcast. Students have worked two Sabbaths to date, doing live filming of the sermon at the Stateline Church.

The goal of the class is to give the students ownership in creating marketable materials for sharing their school as well as a skill set to serve them later on. No knows if a budding movie maker or director is already at MSAS.

Student enthusiasm is high in the class, which meets twice weekly. They also have to commit to one night a week in the evening and two Sabbaths a quarter to meet the extra training and filming commitments. Each student signs a letter of commitment, as do their parents because their support is necessary and appreciated. The students have really stepped up and are taking their responsibilities very seriously. They are doing a great job, and response from church members has been positive.

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March 27, 2014 / Upper Columbia Conference