Molalla Member Honored for 60 Years of Service

The children’s division of Molalla Church presented a 13th Sabbath program during Sabbath School on Dec. 28, 2013. Marge Quade was presented with a certificate of appreciation signed by all the Molalla Sabbath School officers and Eduard Ciobanu, Molalla Church pastor, thanking her for 60 years of faithful service in the kindergarten department.

When Quade was asked about her experience teaching so many children during those 60 years, she replied, “I like it. I am uncomfortable being in front of adults but enjoy teaching and being with children. It is a part of me.”

“Because of her dedication to teaching Sabbath School in the kindergarten division for 60 continuous years, Marge is a rarity," says Ciobanu. "A monument of commitment to serving God and His precious little ones, she has taught countless generations what it means to love Jesus. The results of this tireless, selfless and sacred work will only be revealed in the eternal kingdom. What a ministry well done.”

Helen Shreve and Brenda Thorpe, Molalla Church members

March 20, 2014 / Oregon Conference