Juneau Learns 'Jesus Math'

March 26, 2014 | Nickie Romine

In first grade, the GoMath text says 1 + 2 = 3; in second grade, 18 - 7 = 11; in fifth grade, 9.435 – 2.903 is rounded to 6; in seventh grade, ab = c. But at the beginning of the 2013–14 school year in Juneau, no one expected “Jesus math.”

All Adventist teachers know the story of projected enrollment figures. As prospective student parents began to pick up packets at the end of May 2013, the Juneau school was excited with the possibility of 10 or 13 kids.

But as the summer of 2013 flew by, a family with three students did not get to come to Juneau, and neither did another with two. Additional prospects chose close public schools within walking distance.

By the July board meeting, they faced a small school’s worst fear: closing. With much trembling and prayers for God’s wisdom and promises, members went to the school board and church business session with the possibility of only three students. Despite a budget that showed thousands of dollars in deep red ink, they chose to operate another year.

As the head teacher knelt on opening day, it was with a heart full of gratefulness for a church family that had pledged to move forward in faith and for a God that was bigger than all the issues. Five precious kids were on the roll call last August.

Winter’s cold is the telling time, as budget realities and bills show up. However, with a catch in her voice and grin on her face, school treasurer Lynne Jackson reported at the last board meeting that she has no idea how in the world the school was more than $15,000 in the black at this time of year; it had to be “Jesus math.” For a projected budget so deep in the hole, this was God’s miracle for a congregation of faith, a congregation praising His name as they continue the school year in hope of teaching students more Jesus math.