Cloverdale Holds Record Second Annual Food Drive

We live in the richest country in the world, and yet we have people who are literally starving all around us.

Robbie Lane, a member of the Cloverdale Church in Boise, decided that something could and must be done. After bringing this burden to the Lord in prayer, Lane was inspired to start the Treasure Valley Food Drive to benefit the Idaho Food Bank. Idaho ranks near the bottom of all states in the percentage of people, especially children, who are suffering from malnutrition.

Lane organized the Cloverdale Church members to bring grocery sacks filled with nutritious, nonperishable food items, which were placed in large barrels located in the church lobby.

Members were encouraged to get their friends and neighbors involved. Lane explains, “I’ve always had a burden to get my hands dirty. It’s not about only putting money in the collection plate.”

Lane continues, “I spoke with Gene Lockhart with the Boise Rescue Mission and asked him what could be done to make the biggest impact to our community. So my role was to find an organization to partner with in the community. We decided that creating our own food bank made no sense financially. So we decided partnering up with the Idaho Food Bank made the most sense.”

The Idaho Food Bank serves many needy organizations, including the Boise Rescue Mission. Bill Roscoe, Boise Rescue Mission president and CEO, is grateful for any help that comes their way. “We are so thankful for the support that we get from the Idaho Food Bank. And local churches like the Cloverdale Church with their food drive help us indirectly. We appreciate the effort by people like Robbie who is doing what Jesus encourages us all to do.”

The food was collected through the middle of January and exceeded last year’s amount of 1,500 pounds. Cloverdale members are issuing a challenge to all Idaho Conference churches to see which can raise the most pounds of food next year.

Jesus implored us to help “the least of our brothers and sisters.” This program is one opportunities to help those “but through the grace of God go anyone of us.”

March 20, 2014 / Idaho Conference