Buena Vista Sees God’s Perfect Timing

March 26, 2014 | Gina Hubin

Buena Vista Adventist Elementary School in Auburn has firsthand experience in God’s promise to provide a solution “even before we ask.”

The school recently received an urgent request for tuition assistance from a fund that is already allocated and exhausted for this school year.

Three staff members — Ron Trautwein, principal; Donna Ellis, administrative assistant; and Tom Johnson, maintenance director — prayed about the request and felt God impressing them to send out a tuition assistance request to the school family.

The father of the family in need had a meeting scheduled the following day with the school bookkeeper,Tahia Good.

“Before our meeting I was strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit to ask him to pray,” recalls Good. “I knew the situation looked bleak, but somehow I knew these kids needed to be at this school.”

While the meeting was underway, another parent came into the school office with a sizable donation of cash in response to the tuition request. Ellis excitedly interrupted the financial aid meeting with the good news.

“I was shaking as I realized how God had provided what was needed at the perfect time,” Ellis recounts.

The miracle did not stop there. Within a few days, another person donated the remainder of what the family needed.

Answers to prayer for schools come in many forms. Support school programs and fundraisers. Volunteer your time. Give financial support. You could be the next answer to prayer.