Palmer’s Vision Is Good for All of Alaska

Alaskans have been praying for a 12-grade academy in their own state for more than 50 years. Long ago Adventists Alaskans understood the need to educate their youth at home instead of sending them away to the Lower 48. Today fewer and fewer families are willing or able to send their teenage children to boarding schools out of state. This leads to either having families move out of state looking for Adventist education or turning to the public school system.

Did you know that the Palmer Church is still dreaming of and fervently praying for a 12th-grade academy? Did you know they are closer than ever to achieving this dream?

Once again God has proven Himself faithful by blessing “exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think.” In the last five years the Palmer school, Amazing Grace Academy, has grown from 21 to 95 students. Also, one year at a time, it has been adding grades nine, 10 and 11. The goal is to offer 12 grades next year. With added grades comes the need for additional teachers, including another for next year, but it’s unclear where the extra funding will come from for that position.

But that’s not all that God has been doing. Realizing the necessity of having a gymnasium for students to run and play during inclement weather, the church stepped out in faith and began fundraising for a gym. Members knew they couldn’t raise $1.5 million on their own, so they prayed God would help them find others who believed in their vision for Adventist education.

Remembering what Paul said in Romans, “If God is for us who can be against us,” Palmer members began to pray. In less than two years God has blessed them with $775,000 — about half from outside of their church. They have received monetary gifts from 17 states and Canada. Their plan is to build as they have the money. At this point, the gym walls and roof are up. God is amazing.

Would you be willing to join in praying that Alaska’s dream of having its own 12-grade academy would soon be realized? Would you join Palmer members in asking that God continue providing the needed money to finish the gym? May all Seventh-day Adventists in Alaska join Palmer in prayer so that when the dream comes to fruition, they can all celebrate.

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February 18, 2014 / Alaska Conference