First Knock Program in UCC: Students Knock Where God Directs

One of the many ministries the Lord has called His servants to do in these last days is the colporteur work. Just recently, the Upper Columbia Conference held its first adult training program called Knock. With nine new students, fresh canvasses to learn and books ready to distribute in the greater area of Spokane, Wash., anticipation was high to see what God would do. There were many victories in the field during that two-week span.

“I want to remain faithful to do whatever and go wherever He wants me,” said Tamela Mack, the outreach coordinator in Republic, Wash. The day following the program’s end she prayed, “Direct me where You need me, whether to the right or to the left.” She heard a clear voice telling her to go to a specific apartment door on her right. “The lady told me she was getting baptized in two days,” Mack shares. The woman decided to keep The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ, as well as a smaller Steps to Christ to give to her friend.

As Mack was leaving the apartment she realized she had forgotten to offer the lady a receipt. As she turned around, she noticed the woman was just about to pull out of the parking lot. With a great sense of what God had just done she thought, “God timing! If I hadn't followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit in answer to my prayer … she would have already been gone.”

What amazing truths are in those very words. God is working on the hearts of thousands to prepare them for our literature. Please join us in prayer as we spread the gospel through the printed page. For more stories and information about joining, visit

February 17, 2014 / Upper Columbia Conference