Prineville Answers Call to Cowboy Church

January 01, 2014 | Yolanda Jahn

“Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Doesn’t this sound familiar? The Prineville Church received a similar request from Phil and Lavern Moerschell, owners of the Post Ranch, in May 2012. Lavern had just transferred her membership to the Prineville Church, so she came to church with her husband for the first time.

In the past the Moerschells have opened their ranch shop to a team of singers who held a service for the ranchers in the area 35 miles east of Prineville. The Cowboy Church met once or twice a month. The group missed having the service, so they decided to ask the Prineville Church members if they would be willing to give a service once a month.

In answer to their request, a small group of church members, led by Miles and Marilyn Matthews, has been holding a service in Post since July 2012, every third Sunday of the month. Nate Hellman is the main preacher. Attendance ranges between 15 and 20 plus the group from the Prineville Church. A hearty potluck dinner follows, and everyone enjoys the warm fellowship.

Chuck Burkeen, Oregon Conference member ministries and evangelism director, preached at the Cowboy Church on Oct. 20, 2013. “I had a great time worshipping with the cowboy congregation in Post, Ore.," he says. "I can tell that this group really care for each other and love the Lord. Missionary service doesn’t always have to be done at some far-off outpost across the world. There are communities in our own backyard that are yearning for the gospel message. The Cowboy Church service in Post is a good example of the Christian warmth, fellowship and joyful response that results when we take time to share the good news right at home, just like the members of the Prineville Church are doing. And it was great worshipping in a sanctuary that featured tractors, quads and farming implements.”