Moses Lake Tumbleweeds Spread Seeds for Jesus

January 15, 2014 | Marta Beaubien

A chilly night in October found tumbleweeds scattered over the streets of Moses Lake, Wash. — not spiky, prickly plants, of course, but cheerful, energetic Adventurers spreading seeds of love for Jesus. Carrying sacks and pulling wagons they eagerly knocked on doors and asked for canned food contributions for the Moses Lake Food Bank and the Moses Lake Church’s Thanksgiving basket outreach.

“The kids were very excited to help collect food for people who don’t have enough. Even the little three- and four-year-olds wanted to be the ones to talk at the door,” says Joanne Thomas, Adventurer instructor. “People responded very positively to kids wanting to help other people.” Several groups didn’t have a single house turn them away empty-handed.

It was hard to get the kids to stop, and leaders had to drag them back to the cars because they kept wanting to do "just one more street.” The 14 Adventurers and seven adult helpers collected more than 250 cans of food in about an hour. “It was great,” says Louise Olmstead, Adventurer instructor. “The Adventure club members were the leaders, knocking on the doors and letting the members of our community know the purpose of our mission.”

The following week several Adventurers asked, “Can we go collect cans again? Please?”

Marta Beaubien, Moses Lake Adventurer Club director