Grants Pass Hosts CHIP Program

January 01, 2014 | Jennifer Burkes

The first Sunday of most months, the Grants Pass CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) hosts an educational program. Classes have included everything from bread-making to the basics of gardening and holiday recipes. November’s program, held on a Monday, Nov. 5, 2013, at Thai BBQ, welcomed speaker Urs Bryner.

Born and raised in Switzerland, Bryner, a general and vascular surgeon, completed his medical training in the United States under the sponsorship of American doctors. He returned that favor and has helped others complete their medical training. Bryner uses state-of-the-art technology at his facility at Fairchild Medical Center in Yreka, Calif. He is dedicated to teaching healthful living, inside and out of his practice.

After opening remarks and prayer, the event began with a healthy Thai buffet prepared by restaurant staff. Spring rolls were loaded with veggies and not deep-fried. Chow mein was served using glass noodles. Brown rice with curry was available. About 50 guests sampled multiple dishes.

During the evening’s lecture, Paying by the Pound — Are Life’s Risks Worth the Weight?, Bryner, presented statistics regarding obesity in America. For example, being overweight accounts for about 18 percent of U.S. deaths each year for people 40–85 years old. The average American is now at least 23 pounds overweight. Forty percent of males and 43 percent of females are obese. As many as 18 percent of our children are obese.

What’s the solution to the obesity epidemic? According to Bryner, the only answer is a lifestyle change. This comes from eating a plant-based diet and not eating the largest meal of the day at night. This change also includes drinking lots of water, getting plenty of exercise and praying daily. The crowd left with bellies full of healthy food and a reminder of a more healthful lifestyle.