Wrangell Hosts Winter VBS

December 20, 2013 | Howard Williams

Wrangell Church recently hosted a mini Vacation Bible School, themed "Hay Day for Jesus" and centered around harvest time. The church was transformed into a farm, complete with barn, pasture, vegetable stand, cows, and even a live rabbit and chicken. Excitement began to mount as kids got to sit on a real saddle and have their picture taken. Joy filled the faces of young and old alike as they entered the sanctuary.

The theme emphasized Jesus as our friend and highlighted the Bible stories of Joseph, Zaccheus and Jesus' resurrection. Imagine the children's disappointment upon having to pay half of their chocolate-filled gold coins to Zaccheus and then their surprise at receiving four times what Zaccheus had unlawfully taken from them after his conversion. The lesson had quite an impact upon them.

Chad Angasan from Togiak brought his love for Jesus, enthusiasm around kids and awesome musical talent to this year's program.

Charleen Williams, who organized the event, says, “This was a tremendous team effort in outreach. Our youth and most of our adults participated in one way or another.”

The program's timing is unique. “Here in Wrangell numerous churches conduct VBS programs during the summer," says Williams. "We are trying something a little different by having a mini VBS during the winter on two nights, ending with the Sabbath services." The program was followed by a picnic lunch, to which parents were invited. Organizers believe the program was successful, and they look forward to doing it again.

Everett, a 6-year-old attendee, said it best: “It was so cool!” He was ready to come back for more.

Howard and Charleen Williams, Petersburg and Wrangell churches pastoral team