Windows of Heaven Open for Faithful Cave Junction Deacon

Don Herr, a faithful deacon at the Cave Junction Church, lost his position as Cave Junction Golf Club manager when he refused to work in the bar and serve alcoholic drinks.

Herr had been a faithful worker there for many years and made many friends for the golf club, but when they insisted on him also working in the bar, God's Holy Spirit gave him the courage to say that he would need to resign. He told them about his beliefs and quoted Scripture also, but they still felt he should help out at the bar a few hours a day.

Financially it was a hit to his meager income. But just as God promised, the windows of Heaven opened, and Herr found a renter for his mother's house. Financially things were getting better.

More heavenly windows have opened since, and Herr, who had battled cancer, was pronounced disease-free by his doctor.

October 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference