Cave Junction Members Witness Miracles

Pastor and evangelist Christian Martin held 18 evangelistic meetings in the Cave Junction Church. God's Spirit was poured out as six precious souls from the community indicated their interest in baptism.

More than half each evening's audience came from surrounding communities. The interest continued to build, which more than 20 people indicated by checking "further studies needed" on the decision card distributed to attendees.

Martin announced two miracles would be joining him in the baptistry. Dale Dennis and Dory Robinson had fallen away from the church years ago, but now are filled with God's Spirit as they go forward in faith.

Robinson has been witnessing to others by giving Bible studies with her friend and mentor, Kathy Morris. Dennis was known as the town drunk, and all were shocked that he had taken his stand. He has been free from his addiction for more than two months.

October 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference