Working With Angels

July 01, 2012 | Max Torkelsen

My heart nearly bursts with pride as I hear reports of the increasing involvement of our Adventist churches and schools in their local communities. In almost every issue of the GLEANER, we are given reports of this kind of outreach. Praise the Lord! We are called to be the "salt of the earth."

What a tragedy if our church buildings just stand empty with doors locked except for three or four hours a week. What a shame if our presence in a community is neither noticed nor valued. What a loss if we cannot name even one friend or acquaintance who is not a fellow church member. Our "disinterested benevolence" should be known and valued by our friends in the community. I didn't say "reported in the newspaper" but I do say "missed if we were no longer there."

And what a privilege to know that "all who engage in ministry are God's helping hand. They are co-workers with the angels; rather, they are the human agencies through whom the angels accomplish their mission. Angels speak through their voices, and work by their hands. And the human workers, co-operating with heavenly agencies, have the benefit of their education and experience" (Education, p. 271).

Now there is something amazing with which to occupy your time! Speak with the voice of an angel. Work with the touch of an angel flowing through your hands. Benefit from the equivalent of an angelic degree from the heavenly university. That can be our experience as we identify needs in our communities and as we seek to meet those needs in a Christ-like way.