Newly Baptized Members Share Testimonies In Their Own Words

The Junction City (Ore.) Church recently added five new members through baptism. Here are excerpts from their personal testimonies:

Teresa Harwood: "When I was about to get baptized, I felt something warm and comfortable inside me. I knew this was a lifelong commitment that I would cherish the rest of my life."

Larry Harwood: "I felt excited and nervous but much closer to God. I know my prayers were answered."

Loen Russell: "I was adopted by the Russells. I was adopted by the Junction City Church family. I was adopted by the heavenly Father, and I felt a peace I have never experienced before."

Nadine Johnson: "Pastor Gayle baptized me to Jesus. All my loved ones were gathered around very close to me. It was a most precious time."

Norman Harwood: "I felt as if I was coming home. I knew this was the only correct path for me to take if I was going to straighten my life out, and this had to be a lifelong commitment. Because of Christ I have been able to quit some major addictions in my life — cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and coffee. I give God all the glory because there is no way I could have quit on my own."

The Junction City Church is praising the Lord for these five precious souls added to His kingdom.

June 01, 2012 / Oregon Conference